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Enabling A New Era in Healthcare Delivery

Information technology has increased consumer awareness and expectations for high quality healthcare. Well informed patients have created additional business requirements for their treating clinicians. Medical computing can serve the need for fast access to pertinent information anywhere and at anytime.

Facilitating the flow of information is key to improving management of healthcare resources. This is important to ensure industry-wide use of best practices and to achieve the consistent quality-of-care that informed consumers now demand.

Hand-held portable computers, like smart phones networked to the world-wide-web, with powerful medical softwares can rapidly link to a vast array of peer-reviewed and evidenced-based expert opinions that map to best practices, treatments and managment strategies to cost-effectively improve outcomes.

To be useful, computer tools should increase a doctor’s agility and competitiveness, improve productivity and provide fast return on investment at low risk. These utilities should not interfere with workflow routines. They should speed-up the pace of care provision and raise the level of patient satisfaction.

During the past 25 years, IatroCom has created and delivered such a mobile computing solution to help providers gain fast access to valuable decision-making information. We have deployed this application on web-enabled iPhone and iPad devices for easy use during encounter situations.

STATworkUP™ is a relational expert knowledge-base with a terminology framework designed to quickly collect, capture, correlate and analyze clinical data at the point-of-care. It’s unobtrusive architecture assists providers at what they customarily do to deliver appropriate evaluations. It does so in a modern and convenient way; plus it supports a wide variety of specialty disciplines as well.

Comprehensive assessment tools like these can serve to mitigate the risks of costly medical errors from omissions during  examinations. Additional benefits could also include the capture of encounter data at the point-of-service. Coupling such information gathering capability with secured electronic medical record repositories might also provide practice profiles to fiscal forecasters, for credentialing oversight regulatory affairs agencies, and to institutional medical policy makers. These devices could likewise help lower or avert the impact of doing costly unneeded procedures while perhaps suggesting more appropriate studies or treatments for various conditions and diagnoses. Such tools could be deployed to help establish patterns-of-care or perhaps determine medical necessity during claims processing.

This forum is a place to chat about these ideas and to offer feedback, suggestions and peer review about how the app is performing  in clinical situations. It is also a place to discuss ideas and offer advise that we might use to make the software even better.  We are interested in fostering conversations about best practices to help shape the field of clinical decision support using mobile computing devices as the field of healthcare informatics evolves.

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The application is available for purchase at the iTunes Medical App Store.

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We encourage your comments and look forward to peer review and further discussions about ways to further improve the features of this or other related software to help improve the field of medical informatics.


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